We are happy to announce that the 2023 edition of EAI IoTaaS conference will take place at

Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel


Building D, Yihua Center
No. 50 Andemen Street
Yuhuatai District

Contact person
Qiong Yang | [email protected] | +86 18168092640.


We have negotiated a discount with the conference venue (Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel). Therefore, if registrants want to stay at Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel, they can check in directly after registration and have the discount. Registrants can also book other nearby hotels, but there is no discount available.

How to get there

  1. From Nanjing Lukou International Airport
    • Lukou Airport Station – Metro Line 1 (towards Nanjing South Railway Station) – Nanjing South Railway Station – Transfer to Line S3 within the station – Tiexinqiao Subway Station (Exit 2) – Walk 1100 meters and arrive Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel
    • Airport Bus Line 1 – Get off at Qinhongqiao Station – Take Bus No. 88 – Get off at Andemen Street South Station – Walk 280 meters – Arrive at Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel
    • Taxi/Didi, the entire journey is 33.7 kilometers, about 30 minutes, estimated 102 RMB.
  2. From Nanjing South Railway Station
    • Nanjing South Railway Station – Metro Line 1 (towards Maigaoqiao) – Get off at TianlongSi Station (Exit 3) – Walk 1100 meters to reach Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel
    • Taxi/Didi, 5.5 kilometers, approximately 10 minutes, estimated at 17 RMB.
  3. From Nanjing Railway Station
    • Nanjing Station – Metro Line 1 (towards China Pharmaceutical University) – Tianlongsi Station (Exit 2) – Take bus No.75 – get off at Ningshuang Road East Station – Walk 200 meters to reach Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel
    • Taxi/Didi, the entire journey is 18 kilometers, approximately 30 minutes, estimated 50 RMB.