Accepted papers

Main Track

Home Energy Management System to Reduce Unconscious Electricity Consumption
IRS-Assisted Millimeter-wave Massive MIMO with Transmit Antenna Selection for IoT Networks
An IoT monitoring system for dairy products
A Machine Learning based Smart and Efficient Schemes for Energy Consumption Prediction in Smart Homes
Storing Shelf with Sensor Scanner System
A Review of Emerging Low Power Networks in Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
Design of Performance Enhanced Metamaterial-enabled Absorber for Low-Power IoT Networks
Effective Exploitation of Ambient EM Energy for Driving Emerging IoT Devices: Case Study
Evaluating Direct Link IoT-LoRa Communication Via LEO Nanosatellite: DEWASAT-1

Workshop Track & Fast Track

Bit Error Rate Performance of Wireless Communication Systems with Passive Intermodulation Interference
User-oriented dynamic MEC application deployment in edge cloud network
Joint Design of Caching and Offloading for Mobile Edge Computing in 5G Heterogenous Networks
A Percolation-Based DTNs Routing using Fountain Coding
 A Hardware in-loop Test Platform for V2X Functioning Verification of Internet of Vehicles
Bandwidth Allocation for eMBB and mMTC Slices based on AI-aided Traffic Prediction
A Coded Modulation Scheme for IoT System
A Resource- and Power-Efficient Implementation of PSS Synchronization on FPGA in Vehicular Networks
Cooperative Hybrid-Caching for Long-tail distribution request with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Distributed Routing Algorithm for LEO Satellite Network Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
An Intelligent Wireless Signal Detection and Recognition Platform
A Novel Approach to Transmit Audio Content over a Secure Communication Channel by Using Light Optics Under the Acousto-optic Premise