Accepted papers

Robust Lossless Data Hiding Using Chaotic Sequence and Statistical Quantity Histogram
The study on routing algorithms in hybrid optical/electrical network with the QoS layered-graph model
Performance Analysis for MIMO SWIPT Systems With Space-Time Coding
A Load-balanced and Heterogeneous Switch Path Algorithm(LHSP) in Space Optical-Electrical Hybrid Switching System
Direction Based Charging In Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Network
A Survey on IEEE 802.11ba
Joint Power and Splitting Factor Allocation Algorithms for Energy Harvesting Enabled Hybrid Cellular Networks
Multi-objective Optimization for IoT Devices Association in Fog-computing based RAN
Ant Colony Optimization Based Delay-Sensitive Routing Protocol in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Development of 3D Exhibition System for IoT-Oriented Simulation Platform
Learning-to-Rank Based Strategy for Caching in Wireless Small Cell Networks
Security Enhancement for IoT Video Streaming via Joint Network Coding and Retransmission Design
Space Group Targets Detecting and Resolving Algorithm via Ultra-low Sidelobe Filtering
A Multi-channel Based Reader Anti-Collision Protocol for Dense RFID Environments
Symmetry and Asymmetry Features for Human Detection
Multi-network Communication Gateway of IoT for Complex Environment
A Novel Algorithm of Congestion Control based on Satellite Switching
Slot Assign Algorithm with Threshold Based on Irregular Repetition Slotted ALOHA (IRSA)
LpMAC: A MAC Protocol based on Link Valid Prediction for Highly Dynamic Network
A Flexible Iterative Log-MPA Detector for Uplink SCMA Systems
Impact of Timing Errors on the Performance of Double Iteration Anti-jamming Technology in Physical Layer Security
Full Duplex enabled Next Generation mmWave WiFi Network
Multi-cell Cooperative Transmission for the Next Generation Millimeter-Wave WiFi Network
Missing Data Imputation for Machine Learning
PSR: Probability based Spatial Reuse Mechanism for the Next Generation WLAN
eSR: Enhanced Spatial Reuse Mechanism for the Next Generation WLAN – IEEE 802.11ax
The Position Relationship for RSU Assisted Vehicular Opportunistic Networks
Energy-efficient Trajectory Optimization in UAV-based Internet of Things (IoT) Network with Delay Tolerance
An Energy Sequencing Based Partial Maximum Likelihood Detection Method for Space-Frequency Joint Index Modulation System
Robust Power Allocation for Cognitive Radio System in Underlay Mode
Lane Line Detection Using Localthresh and Improved Hough Transform
An Asynchronous Schwarz-IC Cascade MUD Detection Algorithm for Multiple Access Mobile Communication System
UMa Large-scale O2I Modeling and Base Station Number Optimization
Joint Energy-Efficient Optimization of Downlink and Uplink with eICIC in HetNet
Multi-Frequency Large-Scale Channel Modeling and Green Network Design
A Novel Construction Approach for EV Charging Station Network
A Graded Warning Algorithm for Rear-end Collision
Multi-objective heuristic multicast routing algorithm in NDN
A Proposed Language Model Based on LSTM
Gradable Cloud Detection in Four-band Remote Sensing Images
Energy-efficiency Random Network Coding Scheduling Based on Power Control in IoT Networks
Reinforcement Learning-based Cooperative spectrum sensing
An Integrated Architecture for IoT Malware Analysis and Detection
The Design and Implementation of Dive Maneuver
Path planning algorithm for UAV sensing data collection based on the efficacy function
A Low-delay Next-hop Selection Scheme in VANETs
Actor-Critic for Multi-Agent System with Variable Quantity of Agents
Implementation of  serial number detector based on Verilog
Electronic music classification model based on improved extreme learning machine
Video Captioning using Hierarchical LSTM and Text-based Sliding Window
Physiognomy in New Era: A Survey of Automatic Personality Prediction Based on Facial Image
A Distributed Algorithm for Constructing Underwater Strong k-Barrier Coverage
Constructing Underwater Weak k-Barrier Coverage
A Novel DAG Spectrum Sensing Algorithm with Reducing Computational Complexity
Backoff HARQ for contention-based transmission in 5G uplink
Performance Evaluation of Dual Connectivity in Non-Standalone 5G IoT Networks
FrameTalk: Human and Picture Frame Interaction through the IoT Technology